Best Party Destinations in Sydney

Sydney is like Batman to Melbourne’s Joker, an epic intercity rivalry that stretches on into the ether. While Melbs probably wins on the creative front, where Sydney does undoubtedly win out is its beaches (and beachside bars).

Undoubtedly the most popular seaside spot is Bondi, which will be packed tight with bathers any time the sun is out (which is always). Move inland from the surf just a little and you’ll find the Hotel Bondi and Side Bar (attached to the Wake Up! Hostel) where you’re likely to find countless fellow travellers and locals alike, all well up for a party into the early hours.

Places to Party in Australia

Once you’re sick of the sand in your shoes, head central. Jacksons on George has a 24 hour license and opens late while Scruffy Murphy’s is just huge and always has something going on. Then finally, looking to compete with Melbourne’s music vibe, the Oxford Art Factory, which puts on some of the best bands from all around, followed by some pretty sweet club nights.

Also, keep an eye out for Sydney’s underground parties. Promoters like People Must Jam, Picnic and Under the Radar put on popular nights in warehouses and venues across the city. Then there’s also the chance of coming across the odd beach party, but these are very secret affairs, so keep your ear to the ground – best to ask a local.

Places to Party in Australia

Our party hostel pick: Thanks to the Side Bar that sits underneath this hostel, it’s one of the easiest places to meet fellow backpackers and a nice cheap place for a few warm up drinks. Definitely has to be Wake Up!

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