Phi Phi Island

A small island full of busy bars and mini clubs, all fuelled up with cheap beers and infamous buckets of spirits.  We had a blast out here and will be back for sure!

Sadly, the famous beach from the film “The Beach” is no longer open, but fuck me, this place has many other amazing beaches you´ll love!

So, for partying, it is all on the main pier.  Best place to start and best place to stay is Ibiza House!  It is a great hostel and has a wicked pool party in the evening!

Above was taken at 11am whilst everyone else was sleeping off their hangover – it is very rarely empty!

Best Bars in Phi Phi

Ibiza Beach Club – 

Banana Rooftop Bar – this is a fun and trendy bar set on the roof of the Sombrero Mexican Restaurant. The terrace of the building has great views over Loh Dalum, including stunning sunsets.  It houses bamboo salas provided with cushions and mats, has two bars, also made of bamboo.   Fire shows and even hula hoop contests are performed in the evening, making the venue a great place to party.

Rolling Stoned Bar – this is one of the most popular night spots.  It hosts the best live band that performs in the entire Phi Phi group of islands – pop, blues, rock, hard rock, reggae these musicians are able to play any style right for the great pleasure of their cheering audience; they even enjoy an occasional jam with musically skillful punters. The venue has a hippie feel with low wooden tables and floor cushions It also has four pool tables.

Best Party Hostel

Ibiza House
Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant
Blanch Beach Bar

Hangover Cure

Great hangover cure and great places to take a rest: Laem Thong Beach, Nui Bay and Village Beach: