Boracay Island

This list of best things to do in Boracay Island puts together the reasons why this tiny island, that covers an area of around 11 sq km, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in The Philippines.

After all the week’s stale grind, you want to hook on some frolics and mess around with real good party animals, Boracay is the sparky place to make good on your orgy. I tell you, Boracay is a rollicking island bursting with party destinations where you can down boozes and shake a leg with catchy skirts!

Paraw Beach Club

Believe me or not, Paraw Beach Club remains the best go-to party destination in the whole of Boracay! It can host up to a thousand people and is suitably located right on White Beach; in Station 1. The stylish architecture of Paraw Beach Club blends both modern and traditional influences and if you don’t want to lie on the white sands of its smooth beach watching as comely sweethearts in bikini sashay by, you can move your body on the wooden parquet to the pumping beats played by both local and international DJs while belting down assortments of boozes and cocktails. Here, the orgies are always fired! You can also indulge yourself with mouth-watering cuisines like Calamansi Muffin, Seafood, Chorizo Burger and a lot more – so yummy to fill your tummy! The spirited animation of its nightlife always carries the kinetic vibe you want to feel in a party’s atmosphere and the traditional festivities of Borocay’s tribes like Aklanon, Ati etc. are thrilling events to see after party; provided your visit luckily meets one on the go.

Three Best Party Places in Boracay

The three best party places in Boracay as listed as follows:

  • Paraw Beach Club
  • Epic Boracay
  • Congra’s Bar

Paraw Beach Club

Paraw Beach Club is an exceedingly popular party destination where you can indulge yourself with the exquisite boozes, cocktails and mouth-watering cuisines. Its awesome sound and lightening systems can never compare to any of its kind. If you’ve had a stodgy week and want some frolicking indulgence, Paraw Beach Club is the best place for you.

Epic Boracay

Epic is situated next to D’Mall at White Beach in Station 2. Epic is commonly considered the most popular beach club in Boracay. This beachfront bar and restaurant happens to wear different spirits depending on the time. You can pleasurably chill out between the swimming sessions during the day. After sunset, it displays romantic candlelit dinning with your toes buried in the sand and it turns into a sparky nightclub late into the night.

Congra’s Bar

Congra’s Bar is a typical cynosure of a party place, with its spirited ambience! It features some of the best DJs and musicians that Boracay has to offer, as well as some furious beats from local drummers and bands. Congra’s Bar hosts the Black Moon Party and a Sunset Party from 4:30pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Best Rooftop Bar in Boracay

Crafts Rooftop Bar

Crafts Rooftop Bar is part of a rooftop restaurant located above a department store in White Beach – Station 2, Boracay. If you are willing to escape the white sands for sunset, this is the best place for you. From the top of the building, the view of sunset has been known to bring a tear to the eyes of the beholder owing to its astonishment! Food is always readily available at the restaurant if your belly is yearning for eatables. Here, Indian cuisine is very prominent and its sumptuousness is impeccable!

Three Best Party Hostels in Boracay

  • Mad Monkey Hostel Pool bar
  • Boracay Regency Resort
  • White House Boracay Beach Lounge and Wetland Bar

Mad Monkey Hostel Pool Bar

Mad Monkey Hostel Pool Bar is always open and their red carpet is constantly rolled out for V.I.Ts (Very Important Travellers). The bar is often buzzing with other travellers who are readying themselves for another pumping evening in one of the many Boracay nightlife funs.

Boracay Regency Resort

Boracay Regency Resort is located in White Beach – Station 2, Boracay. To blow your mind, it has not just one, but three luxurious swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. The pool bar avails an opportunity for the guests to tack a bit of luxury on their Boracay nightlife experience.

White House Boracay Beach Lounge and Wetland Bar

To block the chances of confusion, White House Boracay Beach Lounge and Wetland Bar is not located in the White House of the United States as you might have been thinking; it is rather a resort centre with an outdoor beach-side lounge in which you can pleasurably pass the daylight. You can also chill by the poolside while gulping your favourite drink (or booze). It also holds one of the famous Ibiza-like parties – which is always a wild treat atop the Boracay nightlife scenes.

Boracay Pub Crawl

The Boracay Pub Crawl is an electrifying experience through which you get to roll with different people from different part of the world – such occasions are quite rare, aren’t they? Through the Boracay Pub Crawl, you get to party, booze and exhaust out your orgy with 50 – 150 people coming from all around the world. You get to revel in the tropical vibe of the island by attending parties at the most hip places in Boracay. You get to experience the enrapturing nightlife Boracay has to offer under the guidance of an experienced pub crawl captain. You get free shots of boozes and cocktails and the honour of being served by a professional photographer, so you need not worry about your faulty camera.