Best Party Destinations in Ayia Napa

Enter Ayia Napa, the island’s official party destination, where the shorts are short and the nights are long.

This little spot is home to a huge selection of bars and clubs whose music tastes and energetic atmospheres attract cocktail-loving holidaymakers, world famous DJs and A-list celebs alike.

So move over Ibiza and Magaluf, because Ayia Napa is in town. If you are too, here’s all you need to know about nights out in this party gem.

The highlights

Nights out in Ayia Napa are so epic they often become street parties, as crowds from bars and clubs spill over onto the pavement.

The energy here runs strong from dusk till dawn, as there are some things you just can’t contain. The party atmosphere gathers most heavily in the main square, which has recently – and aptly – been renamed ‘Circus Square’, and down along the strip known as Ayias Mauris.

Once you get to Nissi Avenue at the bottom of the strip and down toward the harbour, the scene gets a little more subdued and plays host to families and quieter evenings.

June to August is the peak season for nightlife in Ayia Napa. This is when the most high-profile performers and DJs take the stage, along with the best parties at local clubs. You’ll still find a couple of places raging on from April to October, and a few that stay open into the winter.

Clubs and bars

There are more than a whopping 80 bars in Ayia Napa, plus 12 clubs, each of which offer a unique face to the town’s party scene. Not to mention a whole host of visits by top DJs, themed parties and just about every genre of music you can think of.

The bars typically reach maximum density around 11pm, attracting holidaymakers gearing up for a big night out at the clubs, and shut around 3am. That’s when everyone heads over to the clubs, which stay open until around 5am, though spots like River Reggae keep their doors open until sunrise.

And let’s talk about music for a second. In Ayia Napa, no one genre gets the cold shoulder. There are cheesy party favourites at the Carwash Disco, RnB at Black N White and house music at Club Aqua.

Castle Club features three separate music arenas, not to mention big parties at Christmas. Yes, the Christmas you’re thinking of – we aren’t joking when we say the party never stops here.

When it comes to packing for nights out, you’d be wise to bring a wide array of clothing options. In Ayia Napa, the clubs host everything from foam parties to paint parties, even popcorn and champagne spray parties.

During the summer, the weather in Cyprus is H-O-T hot, so most people party in shorts and tees anyway, with the exception of the Soho Club, where the dress code is smart.

Make the most of partying in Ayia Napa

Price-wise, Aiya Napa clubs and bars are built to get holidaymakers drinking for less. In recent years, Ayia Napa has developed a classier side with bars whipping up handcrafted cocktails in more artisan atmospheres.

However, on the whole, you can expect cocktails that are dirt cheap, especially if you head away from the main square to bars on the fringes.

There are also bulk deals like the Club 100 Mega Deal, which offers a week of entry into the area’s top clubs and parties for a flat fee. You’ll also find other buy one get one free deals and free shots at individual bars and clubs.

Some bars even offer free entry tickets to nearby clubs if you drink with them for the night.

Another way to make the most of a night out is to join one of Ayia Napa’s organised bar crawls, which get holidaymakers on alcohol-fuelled pilgrimages often featuring free shots, t-shirts and access into top bars and clubs.

There are also street parties that, for a flat entrance fee, will let you drink for free all evening.